Professional Development



Our Professional Development Initiative hosts interactive networking events throughout the year with top companies in Software and IT, Engineering, Technology Consulting, Science Consulting, and Pharmaceuticals. These events include an Altera Mock Interview Workshop, a TD Networking Session, and an Accenture Networking Breakfast.

Networking Opportunities

We also offer networking opportunities with doctors and scientific researchers. Last year, we had a panel discussion with doctors from various specialties. This year, we will also be offering lab tours for students interested in pursuing scientific research.

WISE & Cheese

Our largest networking event is WISE & Cheese. For this event, we invite students to join us for an evening with industry representatives from major engineering companies. WISE holds WISE & Cheese events periodically throughout the year which are open to all students.

Industry Mentorship Program

Our Industry Mentorship program offers students the opportunity to be paired with a mentor in their field of interest. We have a large network of mentors in engineering, science, health care, business, and marketing.

Main Contact

Sabrina Zhu

VP Professional Development
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Immunology

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