High School Outreach



The main focus of the high school outreach team is to encourage high school students to pursue careers in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Through engaging and informative presentations, we educate high school students across the GTA of the diverse opportunities in science and engineering.


Our team is composed of enthusiastic Ambassadors from various disciplines in both engineering and science fields that are excited to share their experiences with high school students. Presentations range from classroom sized demonstrations to 170+ students with group activities and building challenges.

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High School Conference

This year, WISE will be hosting the annual High School Conference, bringing together high school students from Ontario with post-secondary students, industry guests, and those in academia. The day will consist of keynote speakers, workshop series, and more on the topics of innovative research, post-secondary education in the STEM fields, and personal career journeys.

High School Mentorship

The High School Mentorship program connects high school students with undergraduate and graduate student mentors to help students with professional and personal development, while introducing them to new people, ideas, and inspirations. Each year we have around 20 mentors and 20 mentees participating in events such as coffee hangouts, design challenges, and resume workshops.

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Main Contact

Angitha Mriduraj

High School Mentorship Director
Cell and Molecular Biology and Immunology

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