Women in Science and Engineering
University of Toronto


The Women in Science and Engineering–University of Toronto Chapter (WISE UofT) was established in 1999 to support cis/trans women in STEM fields (including 2-spirit and non-binary folks comfortable in women-centered spaces). We aim to empower them to achieve their full potential as future engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders. Currently, we are one of the largest and highly-regarded campus organizations at UofT, with over 700 members. Our goal is to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM fields and dispel myths surrounding women in STEM.

About Us

WISE is a group of future engineers, scientists, doctors, leaders, programmers, researchers, and more, who all have the shared goal of supporting women in STEM. More simply, we are a group of coffee-loving, poetry-writing girls who have launched rockets, enjoy biking and cooking new dishes, and who love getting lost in books. At our heart, we are a community that believes women should lift each other up and work together: we run self-defense classes for our members, work late into the night DIY-ing for our events, and bond over shared music interests. We are committed to our initiatives not just because we believe they are necessary, but also because we are passionate about our commitment to each other and to all future women in STEM.